Game Theory and its importance in EPNS

Game theory is the study of how people behave rationally in situations where they are interdependent. An interaction analysis method for analyzing the interactions of a group of intelligent and strategic persons is described in detail below. When people think about game theory, they often think of broad logic and reasoning, despite the fact that […]

What EPNS can do for different aspects of DeFi ?

DeFi protocols have gotten a lot of interest from users, but they don’t have a mechanism that keeps them coming back to interact with them. Since its creation, EPNS has been developing this mechanism, and DeFi now includes decentralized push alerts. Here’s a quick look at why the DeFi market needs a communication layer and […]

EPNS introduces Push Nodes P2P — A new way to communicate in Web3

In the 2021 roadmap of EPNS, the launch of the Alpha of Push Nodes was mentioned. It is basically an initiative to allow interaction across the Ethereum platform and its upcoming layer 2. The EPNS team is claiming that the system they established has accomplished beyond their expectations. And currently, it is moving forward to […]

Gasless March by EPNS: Push Governance community get the Reward Drop Proposals

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) has announced an exceptional offer to not charge the gas fee for PUSH holders from 2nd to March 31st. The community calls it “Gasless March.” The goal of this initiative is to encourage each PUSH holder to participate in voting activities for Push Improvement Proposal or PIP. If you are […]

CafeSwap monthly update – October 2021

October had been a massive month for CafeSwap Finance. With complete integration with Polygon Matic in the month’s start to signing new partnerships to fusing great updates in their product to launching an amazing ICO event. Let’s learn more about them briefly. CafeSwap – Polygon Integration Following a successful deployment on Binance Smart Chain, CafeSwap’s […]

SafemoonAVAX – The Safemoon of the AVAX Chain

Investors are incentivized to keep their positions through a couple of significant activities and campaigns. In the first place, there is the frictionless yield redistribution system, which automatically pays token holders with a percentage of each transaction in $SAFEMOONA, the native token of SafeMoon-AVAX. The native coin will create passive income for holders, allowing them […]

All about Qredo – Multi-Party Computation

Recently, the technology of Qredo’s Multi-party computation has become widespread in this field. MPC or Multi-party computation has attracted widespread attention from the academic community over the past decade. It is a certain thing that the use of this technology will grow in the next few years despite its slow launch. In the fourth industrial […]

Mech Master – New world NFT based Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming concept

What is Mech Master? Mech Master is a turn-based RPG game with strategic features. In this game, players are allowed to build their territory using future technologies helping in protecting their homeland. You can save the world using futuristic weapons and are challenged to collect giant fighting machines in the Mech universe. Utilizing your unique […]

Safemoon Avax – A Premier IDO Launchpad on Avalanche C Chain

Introduction As part of the Avalanche C-chain, Safemoon-Avax provides you with a premier IDO Launchpad. Seasoned and well-connected professionals with the necessary industry knowledge to bring this project to fruition comprise the team working on this project. Their SafemoonAvax token, denoted by the symbol $SAFEMOONA, is the most frictionless yield redistribution token available on Avalanche. […]

How is the value of cryptocurrency determined?

Introduction Cryptocurrencies have been functional in the digital trading market for almost a decade now. However, within recent months only, the term is gaining much wider acknowledgement. We need to understand cryptocurrencies are decentralized. Any central authority, individual or government, do not regulate them. Though they are considerably in usage on most digital trading platforms, […]