Mech Master – New world NFT based Play-to-Earn Blockchain Gaming concept

What is Mech Master?

Mech Master is a turn-based RPG game with strategic features. In this game, players are allowed to build their territory using future technologies helping in protecting their homeland. You can save the world using futuristic weapons and are challenged to collect giant fighting machines in the Mech universe. Utilizing your unique tactics and sharp decision-making skills, you can set yourself apart as you are an experienced pilot in Augmented reality.

You can also profit from battles and earn a reward using the combat arena by making Mech tokens. It is all possible because it is a blockchain in a sci-fi setting. Mech master is loaded with strategic RPG elements to earn tokens through smart trading and skillful gameplay. It is the first-ever 3D turn-based Mecha blockchain game in which players can assemble a lineup full.

Players create every item in this game, which becomes the unique assets of players and is very valuable on the trade market. Players can trade around to build a strong Mecha lineup as it has one of the enormous libraries of assets. Besides this, players can also collect in-game items such as pilots, equipment, land, and mechas and take part in auctions. They can also earn special 3D items with top-notch art and design from event rewards. 


Mech Master includes a variety of features such as:

  • Collect
  • Decentralized
  • Metaverse
  • Build and customize
  • Battle and events
  • Trading ranking social
  1. Collect: You can include 2D and 3D items. It is a unique feature holding the Gacha system and stats
  2. Decentralized: You can make a new economy in moon land and can do anything on your ground. You can decorate, rent, trade, social network, and exploit decentral features
  3. Metaverse: You can take a photo with your Mechs and can build 3D-MECHA, which users own
  4. Build and customize: You can build personal Mechas and unique collections. There are rewards from assembling, which you can customize
  5. Battle and events: There is a Master Mecha area and tournaments in Mech Master, including adventures
  6. Trading Ranking Social: You can trade in Marketplace and compete with other players too. Other than this, you can show off your Mechs and socialize in private chat and world channels

Primary utilities of MECH Token

Primary utilities of MECH token include:

  • In-game currency
  • Staking
  • NFT farming
  • NFT renting
  • Gacha system
  • Governance
  1. In-game currency: In the MECH Master’s universe, you can use MECH tokens as payment currency. The essential items in this game are playable using MECH tokens. You can use MECH tokens to build and upgrade the land, weapons, and Mecha. You can also use MECH tokens if you want to enter special events in the Mech universe
  2. Staking: You can become part of the game by using staking MECH tokens into pools. Different pools will yield additional rewards, including new items, new Mecha, and MECH tokens
  3. NFT farming and NFT renting: You can use MECH tokens to upgrade Mecha and to rent Mecha and other collectibles
  4. Gacha system: If you are a MECH holder, you can use MECH tokens in the Gacha system and receive randomized rewards
  5. Governance: You can vote for the new features and settings using MECH tokens for a certain period and gain voting power. The more MECH tokens you lock, the more is the voting power

Mecha collectibles

There are various rare and unique NFT collectibles to represent characters, machines, land, and different kinds of items in the Mech master game. Mecha NFT is a collectible to represent a giant fighting machine in the Mech universe. Mecha NFT is the centerpiece of Mech Master’s gameplay as all players use their Mechas to compete with others.

Mecha pool of Mech master is massive and very diverse and includes light-weight tacticians to heavy fierce brutes. These all are part of mecha categories. All Mechas play a significant role in battles, and some of them can play multiple positions while others can play in only one. They all perform excellently.

Classification of Mecha collectibles

  1. Tiers
  2. Races
  3. Elements
  • Tiers

The rarity of Mecha, equipment, and pilot includes five tiers as below:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

There are also some unique tiers which are for the limited-time items, set equipment, and races.

  • Races

There are seven races in Mech Master, each having its equipment and special abilities. It includes:

  • Legion
  • Aerial
  • Alien
  • Giant
  • Ravager
  • Relic
  • Shapeshifter
  • Elements

There are eight Mecha elements in Mech master; each has various advantages. It includes:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Thunder
  • Earth
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Fire
  • Ice

Pilot NFT

The pilot is an NFT collectible that represents a character who can control the Mecha. Training of Mecha pilot is an exceedingly challenging task, and it requires a lot of resources, but its advantages are indisputable. Each pilot in Mecha has a remarkable ability to combine with the suitable Mecha as they will create an unstoppable duo.

Moonbase NFT

Moonbase is an NFT collectible that represents a piece of land on the moon. The number of moonbases is limited as there is only one moon in the Mech universe. If you want to build any settlement, Moonbase is required.


Equipment is an essential addition to Mecha and provides a fighting machine along with specific functions and attributes. It will help fit the equipment in a corresponding slot along with the corresponding type and size. There are different types and sizes of Mecha having their place. In actual combat, you should choose the right equipment for Mecha as it makes a huge impact.


Settlement is located on Moonbase, which is a hub for all operations outside the combat. The procedures which you will hold in Settlement include studying and upgrading Mecha.


You can earn a handsome amount of money by playing with cats, soccer players, and cute little creatures. But now you can make big money battling through Mech master giant freak in robots. You are warmly welcomed to the game of Mech master if you want to command a whole squad of gigantic Mechas in which you can fight and simultaneously make real money.

Mech master if you want to show off your genius 10000 IQs mind to the out-tactic others. You maybe have another significant revenue stream in this meantime. Mech master is all of these and much more, including the giant cannon that can blast right through your enemies from fifty thousand years away, a giant sword that can slice the metal like butter, and an energy bomb which can deal like ten billion damages to an entire screen worth of Mechas.

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