Game Theory and its importance in EPNS

Game theory is the study of how people behave rationally in situations where they are interdependent. An interaction analysis method for analyzing the interactions of a group of intelligent and strategic persons is described in detail below. When people think about game theory, they often think of broad logic and reasoning, despite the fact that it is based on pure mathematics and may be applied to any situation where humans interact or coordinate with one another, such as business situations. It was designated as a milestone in scientific research by the publication “Theory of Games and Economic Behavior” because game


CafeSwap monthly update – October 2021

October had been a massive month for CafeSwap Finance. With complete integration with Polygon Matic in the month’s start to signing new partnerships to fusing


All about Qredo – Multi-Party Computation

Recently, the technology of Qredo’s Multi-party computation has become widespread in this field. MPC or Multi-party computation has attracted widespread attention from the academic community

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What Makes a Blockchain Secure?

Blockchains, an online ledger facility, is the building block of cryptocurrency that guarantees end-to-end secure digital transactions, user safety, and order tracking.  Researches on blockchain

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The 51% Attack

What is a 51% attack? The 51% attack means a potential attack on the blockchain integrity of a system. Also known as a majority attack,

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What Is Dogecoin?  Dogecoin is essentially a type of cryptocurrency which is based on a viral meme. The meme was about Dogecoin and hilariously joked

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How to calculate ROI

ROI indicates the performance of any investment. It also compares the profitability of various investment opportunities—the higher the ROI, the better the prospect.  This article

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Arbitrage Trading

 If you are looking for a profitable trade for your profit, you should first know the business based on earning the profit. Meanwhile, there is

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