Safemoon Avax – A Premier IDO Launchpad on Avalanche C Chain


As part of the Avalanche C-chain, Safemoon-Avax provides you with a premier IDO Launchpad. Seasoned and well-connected professionals with the necessary industry knowledge to bring this project to fruition comprise the team working on this project. Their SafemoonAvax token, denoted by the symbol $SAFEMOONA, is the most frictionless yield redistribution token available on Avalanche.

In order to ensure investor safety, the team has deposited assets in time-locked liquidity through the use of smart contracts, as well as implemented a proof of lock system. They also bring a new method to generate a substantial passive income through their innovative and unique redistribution system, which will deposit reflections as $SAFEMOONA directly into your native token wallet, as opposed to the traditional approach. This will assist the holders in automatically growing their funds without the need for any additional effort on their part.

The $SAFEMOONA token will also serve as your entry point into IDOs, or Initial Dex Offerings, which will be launched on the Avalanche C blockchain in the near future. As a result, early investors will have a better opportunity to purchase tokens at a lower price and reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. SafeMoon-AVAX has already formed a partnership with a group of highly qualified full stack engineers in order to ensure the achievement of this objective. The team went above and beyond to provide the beta front end design for the Launchpad to the community within the first week of the token’s launch, exceeding expectations and establishing themselves as the team behind a high-quality project.


The total supply of Safemoon Avax coin, that is, SafemoonAvax, is 1 Quadrillion Coins = 1,000,000 Billion $SAFEMOONA coins. The distribution has been decided in the following manner:

  • 4% to marketing wallet: Every transaction will have 4% of its value allocated to the marketing wallet, which will allow the token to continue to grow
  • 2% reflections to holders: In the form of reflections in the native token, 2 percent of every transaction will be redistributed to holders as dividends
  • 6% to liquidity pool: 6 percent of each transaction will be given to liquidity in order to maintain parity as the market capitalization develops
  • 50% burn of total supply: In order to increase the value of the tokens currently in circulation, 50 percent of the total supply will be burned

The recorded All Time High of the $SAFEMOONA token is 8.7 times more than the recorded All Time Low. And it is achieving a trading volume of around $40,000 every day, which shows that the project is really good and people are believing in it.


They have a well defined roadmap which is mentioned on their website. The roadmap itself points towards the focused analysis of the team before starting up the project. All the targets are achievable and will work towards the upliftment of the project.

It has been divided into three phases:

  • Phase One: Mission Launch
    • Stealth Launch of $SAFEMOONA token
    • Launch of the official website
    • Marketing via influencers
  • Phase Two: Moon Journey
    • More Influencer marketing and Marketing ads
    • Giveaways
    • Coingecko Listing
    • Listing on several exchanges 
    • Audit
  • Phase Three: Moon Landing
    • More marketing
    • Big Partnerships
    • Development of SAFEMOON-AVAX Launchpad

The project is already in Phase Two, and the $SAFEMOONA has already been listed on Coingecko. 

Join this excellent team with this awesome project on the journey to the Moon !!

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