SafemoonAVAX – The Safemoon of the AVAX Chain

Investors are incentivized to keep their positions through a couple of significant activities and campaigns. In the first place, there is the frictionless yield redistribution system, which automatically pays token holders with a percentage of each transaction in $SAFEMOONA, the native token of SafeMoon-AVAX. The native coin will create passive income for holders, allowing them to sit back and watch their investment grow without exerting any effort on their part.

The second and more tempting incentive for token holders will be exclusive access to new initiatives on the SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad, which will be available only to token holders. As a result, SafeMoon-AVAX has formed a partnership with a group of highly experienced full-stack engineers to assure the achievement of this objective. Within the first week of the token’s launch, the team went above and beyond to give the community a beta front-end design for the Launchpad, which was well received by the community.

In addition to being able to participate in unique IDOs, the SafeMoon-AVAX team wanted to make sure that individuals who were more oversized SafeMoon-AVAX holders would receive an additional advantage as a show of appreciation for their continued support of the token. As a result, when the contract is created, a tier-based structure will be formed, which will reward individuals who have a more significant number of $SAFEMOONA tokens with better initial DEX offering (IDO) prices.

Despite the fact that the team has formed a vision and a plan for the future of SafeMoon-AVAX, the token will continue to be a community-friendly token that sets the values of the community at the forefront of its operations and development. Participation in some parts of decision-making is the most effective approach for the community to be involved firsthand in the decision-making process. Making proposals for freebies or suggesting which brands they would want to see paired with will help to strengthen the link between the team and the community, and this will help to grow the relationship between the team and the community.

When it comes to promoting the token, the SafeMoon-AVAX team has been concentrating its efforts on a range of different platforms and channels. Social media campaigning, influencer/celebrity relationships, press releases, giveaway campaigns, and exchange listings, such as their recent placement on CoinGecko, are just a few of the primary outlets that have been exploited thus far. This is likely to increase as the token progresses further along in its lifecycle, and as the launch of the Launchpad draws closer, a more aggressive marketing strategy will be implemented in conjunction with it.

The vision for this project has remained the same since it was first conceived. Bringing a very authentic and successful token to the Avalanche network and then using that token as a spark to persuade users to switch to the quickest and safest smart contract platform in the business are two of the project’s objectives. After witnessing the swift rise of the token, the team decided to take a step further while still being true to our mission. And thus, they decided that the best approach to do that is to create a Launchpad platform.

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